Susan K. Dailey

Art in Public Places

Exterior pieces


“A day in the life of Floyd Clymer,”
Painted mural, Berthoud, Colorado

Commissioned in 1999 by the Berthoud Arts and Humanities Alliance.

In 1910 Floyd Clymer was the youngest car dealer in the US. He started selling cars at age 11, in Berthoud, Colorado. This mural is a re-creation of an event, based on an historical photograph, of the then 14 year old Floyd and his 11 year old brother getting ready to embark on a trip to Spokane, Washington by themselves in a Flanders 500 car as a promotional event.

They broke down in Wyoming several times, each time returning by train with their car to Denver. Finally, they took the train on to Spokane. This mural depicts some of the Berthoud town’s folk seeing the Clymer boys off at the start of their trip. The Berthoud Arts council commissioned this mural and council members gave input into the design of the piece. This mural was featured as part of an article about Floyd Clymer in the 1994 Swiss publication of Automobile Year.

Detail: mural plaque on a metal sign is disguised as 1910 newspaper, held by one of the townspeople.

Detail: Two boys driving from Denver to Spokane in a “Flanders’ 20” Auto in 1910, and the townspeople seeing them off.

18’ x 40’, acrylic-latex
on brick.